Adobe Photoshop CS3 Keyword Shortcuts…

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Keyboard Shorcuts

Path / Direct Selection Tool A
Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool B
Crop Tool C
Default Colors D
Eraser Tool E
Cycle Screen Modes F
Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool G
Hand Tool H
Eyedropper / Sampler / Measure Tool I
Spot Healing / Healing / Patch / Red Eye J
Slice Tool K
Lasso Tool L
Marquee Tool M
Notes / Audio Annotation Tool N
Dodge / Burn / Sponge Tool O
Pen / Freeform Pen Tool P
Standard / Quick Mask Mode Q
Blur / Sharpen / Smudge Tool R
Clone / Pattern Stamp Tool S
Type Tool (Vertical / Horizontal) T
Shape Tool U
Move Tool V
Add Shape +
Subtract Shape
Preserve Transparency (toggle) /
Decrease Brush Size [
Increase Brush Size ]
Decrease Brush Softness by 25% Shift+ [
Increase Brush Hardness by 25% Shift+ ]
Previous Brush <
Next Brush >
First Brush Shift+ <
Last Brush Shift+ >
Tool Opacity 10% → 100% 1 → 0
Flow / Airbrush Opacity 10% → 100% Shift+1 → 0

File Menu Shortcut

Browse (Launch Adobe Bridge) Ctrl+Alt+O
Close Ctrl+W / Ctrl+F4
Close All Ctrl+Alt+W / Ctrl+Shift+
Close and Go To Bridge Ctrl+Shift+W
Edit in ImageReady Ctrl+Shift+M
Exit Ctrl+Q
File Info Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ I
New Document Ctrl+N
New Document (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+N
Open Ctrl+O
Open As Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O
Page Setup Ctrl+Shift+P
Print Ctrl+P
Print One Copy Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Print with Preview Ctrl+Alt+P
Revert F12
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Save As (Copy) Ctrl+Alt+S
Save for Web Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S

Edit Menu Shortcut

Clear (selection) Delete / Backspace
Color Settings Ctrl+Shift+K
Copy Ctrl+C
Copy Merged Ctrl+Shift+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Duplicate Free Transform Ctrl+Alt+T
Duplicate Transform Again Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Fade (last filter / adjustment) Ctrl+Shift+F
Fill Dialog Shift+Backspace
Fill from History Ctrl+Alt+Backspace
Fill from History & Preserve Trans. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Backspace
Fill w/ Background & Preserve Trans. Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
Fill w/ Foreground & Preserve Trans. Alt+Shift+Backspace
Fill with Background Color Ctrl+Backspace
Fill with Foreground Color Alt+Backspace
Free Transform Ctrl+T
Keyboard Shortcuts Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Menus Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste Into (selection) Ctrl+Shift+V
Paste Outside (selection) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Preferences (General) Ctrl+K
Preferences (last used) Ctrl+Alt+K
Preset Manager Ctrl+Alt+ /
Purge All Ctrl+Shift+ ‘
Purge All (no dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ ‘
Step Backward (History) Ctrl+Alt+Z
Step Forward (History) Ctrl+Shift+Z
Stroke Ctrl+Alt+H
Transform Again Ctrl+Shift+T
Undo/Redo Ctrl+Z

Layer Menu Shortcut

Blending Options Ctrl+Shift+O
Bring Forward Ctrl+ ]
Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+ ]
Create / Release Clipping Mask (toggle) Ctrl+Alt+G
Group Layers Ctrl+G
Delete Layer (Group) Ctrl+Shift+ –
Delete Layer (Group) (no dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ –
Duplicate Layer (Group) Ctrl+Shift+Q
Duplicate Layer (no dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q
Flatten Image Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0
Group into New Smart Object Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H
Layer Opacity 10% → 100% 1 → 0
Layer (Group) Properties Ctrl+ /
Layer via Copy Ctrl+J
Layer via Copy (with dialog) Ctrl+Alt+J
Layer via Cut Ctrl+Shift+J
Layer via Cut (with dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J
Merge Layers Ctrl+E
Merge Visible Ctrl+Shift+E
New Layer Ctrl+Shift+N
New Layer (no dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N
New Group Ctrl+Shift+ +
New Group (no dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ +
Next Layer Alt+ ]
Previous Layer Alt+ [
Select Previous Layer Alt+Shift+ [
Select Next Layer Alt+Shift+ ]
Send Backward Ctrl+ [
Send to Back Ctrl+Shift+ [
Stamp Down Ctrl+Alt+E
Stamp Visible Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
Select Bottom Layer s Alt+ ,
Select Top Layer Alt+ .
Select Layers to Bottom Layer Alt+Shift+ ,
Select Layers to Top Layer Alt+Shift+ .
Ungroup Layers Ctrl+Shift+G

Image Menu Shortcut

Auto Color Ctrl+Shift+B
Auto Contrast Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L
Auto Levels Ctrl+Shift+L
Black & White Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B
Canvas Size Ctrl+Alt+C
Color Balance Ctrl+B
Color Balance (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+B
Crop Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Curves Ctrl+M
Curves (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+M
Desaturate Ctrl+Shift+U
Duplicate Ctrl+Shift+A
Duplicate (no dialog) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Hue / Saturation Ctrl+U
Hue / Saturation (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+U
Image Size Ctrl+Alt+I
Invert Ctrl+ I
Levels Ctrl+L
Levels (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+L
Mode > 8 Bits/Channel Ctrl+Alt+ ,
Mode > RGB Ctrl+ ,
Reveal All Ctrl+Shift+R
Rotate Arbitrary Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
Shadow/Highlight Ctrl+Shift+ /
Shadow/Highlight (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ /
Trim Ctrl+Alt+Y

Image Menu Shortcut

All Ctrl+A
All Layers Ctrl+Alt+A
Contract Selection Ctrl+Alt+ [
Deselect Ctrl+D
Expand Selection Ctrl+Alt+ ]
Feather Ctrl+Alt+D
Inverse Ctrl+Shift+ I
Move Duplicate of Selection 10px Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ ←, ↑, →, ↓
Move Duplicate of Selection 1px Ctrl+Alt+ ←, ↑, →, ↓
Move Selection (while creating) Space
Move Selection 10px Ctrl+Shift+ ←, ↑, →, ↓
Move Selection 1px Ctrl+ ←, ↑, →, ↓
Move Selection Area 10px Shift+ ←, ↑, →, ↓
Move Selection Area 1px ←, ↑, →, ↓
Refine Edge Ctrl+Alt+R
Reselect Ctrl+Shift+D

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