Introduction to CMS and Customization through PHP, Drupal, Joomla, Cake PHP, Custom CMS

Introduction to CMS and Customization

CMS stands for Content Management System. It makes your business online. It gives the ability to purchase, advertise or order goods online without any hassle. It is programmed to set up the facility of credit card purchasing, booking request forms etc at any time from any place of the world. We use Joomla, Drupal & Cake PHP in our CMS & Customization.

CMS solutions are intended to help business manage and distribute information faster and more efficiently. Depending upon your requirement we integrate a set of modules that provide a new level of information and help you mange your data effectively. CMS is a consistently organized fashion. It is used for storing, controlling, documenting articles and manuals. It may include all computer files, image media, audio files, video files, electronic media, web content etc. It deals in reuse of information across different applications. It also be distributed to customers and business partners outside the organizations. The sole purpose of CMS is to mange the entire life cycle that is from creation to publishing. Management system can be used to create information along with the data base handling facilities, the software modules allows anyone to contribute information to a website via Graphical User Interface (GUI). It reduces the stress and work load for changes made to the website. The changes are quick and it creates value and emphasis to work.

Open Source CMS Customisation through:

  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Cake PHP
  • Custom CMS

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